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What we do?

IGl Medical is the local partner for global innovators in key specialties. We provide our partners a rounded service package that will take care of everything needed to import, market, and distribute your high-end products.

IGL’s complete value chain means that your product is taken care of from port to patient while keeping costs low for you. You can leverage these services:

Market research & market access

Our Market Research team will conduct a thorough market research study before our clients can enter the Israeli market. This research is based on secondary and primary research, including interviewing local opinion leaders and potential future partners, such as health funds, a broad band of public, government and private hospitals. The comprehensive market research includes the market potential, any current competitors (direct and indirect), market access preparation, viable pricing plan, a marketing strategy, and all relevant requirements. We also include the requirements and a strategy for submitting your drug to be included to the national and/or HMO’s drug basket for reimbursement.

Product Registration and Regulatory Affairs

We handle the headache of product registration for you. First, our team will examine if there is indeed a market for your product, thus saving you thousands of dollars if there isn’t. We will submit preliminary questions to MOH, examining the dossier before submission and will advise on proper submission for successful marketing authorization obtaining.

Our professional team ensures that while we distribute your products we will meet all local regulatory requirements

Sales and Marketing

Once the registration approval has been acquired, our team will start implementing the sales and marketing strategy as previously designed. Having 15 years of experience in this area, you can be assured that the marketing and sales operations are optimized for your product and the local market.

Medical affair

Our clients enjoy IGL Medical’s network of cooperation partners, such as leading physicians, local opinion leaders, medical centers, procurement personnel at all HMOs, and the Ministry of Health.

Distribution and logistics

We have partnered with a leading local logistics company providing services to several multinational companies.

We provide our clients the highest international standards of Good Storage Practice (GSP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), and ISO 9001:2015.